Your capital is at risk and investments are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

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Your capital is at risk and investments are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

How is the ownership of a property structured?

Every property on our platform is wholly owned by a unique UK registered limited company (Special Purpose Vehicle-SPV). Investors on the platform is acquiring the shares of the SPV when they invest on the platform. They, therefore, effectively own the beneficial interest of the shares purchased i.e. from the property.
As every property on the platform is owned by a separate and unique SPV, one is able to search on the UK HM Land Registry website to find out as to who the owner of a particular property is. When the name of the owner of the particular property that you invested in, matches with the name of SPV on your share certificate, then you know that you owned the percentage of shares of the SPV as stated in the share certificate, hence the percentage of the property.

What is SPV?

A special purpose vehicle is a UK incorporated limited company that is set up for a sole purpose. In our case holding property, i.e. title to the property will be in name of the SPV. The advantages of using SPV as a property holding vehicle are as follows:


A SPV is a separate entity from any other companies, the shareholders of the SPV wholly own the legitimate rights and benefits of the company. There is no connection whatsoever in legal terms with our trading platform, Beelandlords, though the shares of SPVs are traded on the platform. Should there be any unlikely event of financial discrepancies with the platform, the shareholders of the SPV will still own the total rights and benefits of the SPV, which is the property it holds.


The shares of the SPV is freely transferable between buyers and sellers when mutually agreed.


SPVs pay corporate tax in the UK. An appointed management company will deal with all the annual tax return issues on behalf of the shareholders so that they will have a peace of mind.

What is a Beetre?


It is the shares in an SPV that are being traded on the Beelandlords platform and ‘Beetre’ is their trading unit.


‘Beetre’ is both a share unit of any SPV and the equal amount of area that each share unit represents in any properties on the platform. One Beetre is equal to one tenth of one metre square in area. Therefore, each share in any SPV will carry the legal right of one Beetre in the property that the SPV holds. The number of shares in any SPV will vary depending on how many Beetres in net area that the property has. For example, if a property has a floor area of 87.4 Square Metres, then in terms of Beetre, it will have (87.4 S.M./0.1 S.M.=874 shares) 874 number of Beetres to sell in the SPV when it is first listed on the platform. (Please refer to the diagram on the right)


Investors cannot subscribe for units of less than one Beetre.


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Fund flow from investors to purchase property
Fund flow of monthly rental income to investors.

How To Invest

1 Register

Simply register as a member to and complete the investor readiness to confirm eligibility to invest on the platform.

2 Select a Property

Browse the available properties here, and choose one or more. Ready to invest? Simply top up your electronic wallet (for your peace of mind, it’s operated by an independent third party payment service provider, MangoPay) or pay by bank transfer or even debit card to buy as large or small a share as you like in any property. It doesn’t matter where they are – so you can start building a portfolio of different properties in different locations.

3 Earn Rental Income

So now you’re a landlord! Because we do all the hard work, you don’t need to worry about valuations, surveys, conveyancing, maintenance and so on… Once the full investment amount has been raised, you’ll start earning rental income proportional to your share in each property you’ve invested in!

4 Your Investment at Your Fingertips 24/7

You can check on your investment’s status any time, 24/7 using your Beelandlords dashboard.

How do I make money?

Monthly Rental Income

Investors in successful projects will receive shares in their e-wallet of any rental income after deduction of costs every month automatically.



Capital returns

From reviewing historic data, we believe properties usually appreciate in value over time. If you want to sell and cash in any possible capital gain on your shares - no problem.

There will be no estate agents, solicitors or stress - simply sell your shares to your peers at a mutually agreed price anytime when there is a willing buyer or choose to exit after the property is listed on the platform for 5 years.


Peace of Mind Built In

Each property on the platform is financially ring-fenced and held in an SPV. That means it's separate from the platform. So even if our platform should find itself in financial difficulty, your property would not be affected by this and can be managed by an eligible third party. All the legal titles and documents are in the custody of an internationally renowned law firm and are available for your scrutiny on demand.

We do all the hard work

No more headache on red tapes, solicitors, bad tenants and broken boilers. We take care of it all so you can be a landlord by owning shares in the SPV without the hassles, with our experience, deep knowledge in the property industry and bargaining power of thousands of investors. We deliver the following services in the most efficient way.                                                     

  • Finding the right properties.
  • Negotiation on the best deals
  • Deal with solicitors and documentation
  • Finding the right tenants
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Regular revaluations
  • Selling